Supporting junior doctors


Supporting junior doctors

NHS Scotland used Quris to develop tools to aid the clinical decision making of junior doctors in acute environments. The benefits are threefold:

  1. Training and education – aid clinical decision making and help protocol adherence.
  2. Administrative – ease of updating guidelines / communicating with staff / ensuring protocols exist.
  3. Audit – feedback on the most useful guidance.

Quris allowed the development, management and delivery of a range of clinical resources with the following conclusions:

  • Simple – this is a simple, easy to implement intervention, it is flexible and utilises existing protocols along with existing technology that is already used by many. It works alongside mediums already in place to provide easy access to best practice information.
  • Standardised – allows communication of, and rapid access to standardised protocols and guidance. There is the capacity for more senior doctors to update guidance in real time.
  • Safe – Improving patient safety by communicating guidance in time pressured situations augmenting decision making processes for junior doctors in acute environments.

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